First, i want to apologize if this offends anyone. But this poem is a bit filthy & the explanation here may not be to your liking, but when i wrote these Charlie poems i wanted a contemporary grit, to address some aspects of society people seldom talk about. i had Nabokov’s explanation of why he wrote Lolita in mind: because it was so hard to get into that mind, so sick & depraved, which is Humbert.
Charlie isn’t sick, he is simple minded.
It should be first noted that in this universe, the mythos (or logos, depends how you like your tea) of the pagan gods & goddesses & their fates was not to be sent to Hades, but to a fate far worse: to do menial labour, or undesirable work, for all time on Earth.
When still a teen, Charlie frequented a teen porn website called TeenFuckWizards.cum & Charlie being romantic fell in love with one of its stars, a rabbit toothed lolita. Still in his late 20’s he loves her & hasn’t quite cottoned on to the fact that she still looks young, which as the poem will explain, is not because she is.
Again, apologies if this is an undesirable topic, but this is fiction & not everything is what it seems.

Charlie meets her

A Friday evening after fish n’ chips
keen Charlie took the air of kebab, battered foods & spilt beverages

plastered down the facade of drunkards’ clothes,
the whole foul concoction of bad words, exchange of phlegm

ya know the curious hoo ha of the heart of Friday evening at works end.
A flyer for a club magnetized to the contours of his face

I only ever had my foots glued to the floors of comic-club,

I think I’ll go an have me dance & shake out
the thinks off the rabbit-toothed lolita.

A bicornous youth with face shaped like a goat
a little further down the road came to his note

: that is a fancy costume you am dressed with kid!
(nudge & aside to passer-by) ain’t that look good eh?

Passer-by to goat-faced youth : I want
what he’s been taking man, must be wiiiiiilld.

Goat-faced youth nods nervous in agree.
Cocooned in the synthetic gloam of the Grove,

the music pummelled Charlie into gangly waggles;
70% of the occupants goat-faced, cleft toed, 8 foot in stature,

humongous foreheads like cliffs, haloed callipygian nymphs,
dusty scintillae in the wake of their footsteps

that never pressed the sticky floor; clothed with vines, nuts & fruits
—& in the corner sat two men in tan business suits,

the buck-toothed lolita he loves tugging their lapels, gyrating,
their eyes feasting on her festooned body & sparkling hair;

& Charlie innocent of actual seeing looked upon his love,
& chuckled, when, each time her aureole flesh made contact with a thing

mysterious photons compelled by unseen gravity clawed outward
vanishing in the polished surface of his eye

as they dissolve into the classical air encircling her
I thinks she’s not a people but a godshe said breathless Charlie.

Posted by:DPM

DPM is an idea-logue (sic) and object-oriented speculative realist, attempting to be response-able in an irresponse-able society.

12 thoughts on “Charlie meets HER

  1. No need to apologize. The scintillation here is mere poetic license, as opposed to the smut and “f-bombs” so frequent in the abysmal dregs of modern lit. This, again (Charlie quickly becoming one of my favorite fictional cartoon-ish characters) was a read well spent.

    1. Cheers Pablo. Apologies are necessary, just in case; never know who’ll pass through. Glad you like Charlie, really glad. He’s complex. When i develop characters i really go all out. The reason i never wrote short stories was due to over thinking & not knowing how to limit myself as the range of ideas i get just explodes. Episodic poems works best as i can’t do that, in so many words, but rather condense the narrative & the happenings. Charlie is my first success with narrative. i am working on some more real at the moment, it is in its preliminary stages, & i hope to use it as something to send out for chapbook publication. It is about a Korean woman taking a break from her English husband & daughter, by taking a weekend trip to Jeju. It is imagistic, & jumps from this to soliloquies on dreams, life & what it is to be culturally silenced by a western husband. Not autobiographical.

      1. Sounds like an interesting project. A trip to Jeju on the lam from an unhappy marriage sounds very Korean. I look forward to reading that one. And I do understand your position on obscenity. I’ve felt the need to censor my writing. At times lobbing off while portions of my work. For instance my first attempt at Haibun That Sort of Freedom had an encounter with a young woman in a cornfield during the outdoor festival I needed to cut, not because of explicitness, but because of the cavalier spirit prevalent in my time, where men were considered galant for refusing to exploit a tender opportunity. As you say, you never know who’ll pass through.

      2. i think a little consideration is necessary, it goes a little way to alleviating any misunderstanding & showing a consciousness for issues surrounding a topic. i wish it wasn’t necessary, but not being a known writer means people can’t get a gauge without some gaps filled or edited. Even known names get misunderstood & then have to sift through a mire of misunderstandings to turn over a new leaf. Ted Hughes never managed that really, he is still being posthumously attacked as the misogynistic murderer of Plath, but no one really knows the truth.

  2. I’m sure you can do filthier than that, Daniel. Still, need to find a way to get R Crumb to do an illustrated Charlie book, that’d be something. Also good to see you in the new High Window too

    1. Mate, that would be astounding wouldn’t, the legendary Crumb & Charlie. One can dream.
      The more despicable i get, the more euphemistic i’d become, shaming myself but unable to stop myself. Then i’d have one half my readers hate me for be abstruse & the other half for being rude. Can’t win. haha

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