An oldish poem i have neglected for sometime, until i recently injected some new words & remodeled it.

Storm & Stress

the light switch of the storm
shaped like the roots of the 팽 tree, its fibrous anchors
split the torrential downpour in a sparagmotic seizure
& tugged the claggy cloud, the sky itself with meteoric thrust
toward the ground.

afterwards, as the storm reeled to sea
i found a conduit persimmon torn from its heels
moaning agony, dying— the fruits of its labour mushed in sodden soil.

the sun appeared
& from its twin

hard hats, over-worn faces, a cement mixer
& bulldozer guffawing

leaked out…

팽= peng, the Jeju word for the Chinese Nettle Tree.

2 thoughts on “ Storm & Stress ”

  1. The lightning arching from storm clouds like the roots of the peng tree. Very nice imagery.

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