You may disagree with what is against your sensibilities & beliefs, but sometimes the reasons for a culture’s differences are tied up with a history, still in memory through those who lived it & continue to remember it. & so the habit persists. i have a dog, & though the farming of dog meat (not all that popular) is grizzly & seems sort of pointless, it seems tied up with a time when Koreans had no food & anything that could be eaten was eaten. A hunger few of us can comprehend & this hunger is remembered even by my wife. So before you judge, think of reasons why. i should add, most people don’t like eating dogs, it is an old, dying tradition.

moaning at the moonlight

the moonlight, stencils
Halla’s silhouette—a rare sight.
& so a grieving hound moans
Halla shouldn’t have to reveal
the camber roll of her fluted form, at night

— at least i hope that’s why
it bawls like unoiled pistons
& not because it is late

late enough for its master
muffled by sleeping farmers
to beat the poor thing tender
making the meat of it more succulent.
but, i have no right to tell another culture what
is fair & just nor judge: they have known
hunger, knotting into habit
& it goes some way to excusing them.

Posted by:DPM

DPM is an idea-logue (sic) and object-oriented speculative realist, attempting to be response-able in an irresponse-able society.

11 thoughts on “moaning at the moonlight

  1. The Chinese still eat dogs and in fact there is a dog festival there every year i.e. dog as food and not dog as pets. There is no need for excuses for eating dogs if it’s OK to eat other animals. It is just as savage and ‘farming’ them does not make it less barbaric. I eat meat and I accept that I am addicted to the ‘habit’. Yes, we have been hungry and my grandmother taught me that refusing to eat any food is self indulgence and she only gave up eating beef to honour the beast of burden AFTER our family could afford to eat regularly.

    1. i don’t eat meat. But the reason is not because i think killing animals is wrong, it is the natural order to kill if you have the means other animals for food. But the amount of animals we kill is barbaric. So i don’t eat it. If i am with friends i will eat for their sake, so they don’t feel the need to accommodate me, but i only have a couple of bites & then eat mostly whatever veg is available. Am i a hypocrite? i personally don’t think so. i don’t think a reason for not eating meat solely lies in the killing. The industry if better regulated & if people ate less meat rather than needing to have it 3 times a day, & if meat was only sold from butcher’s shops, i’d be happy with that system & eat meat a few times a week. But this isn’t the way, unfortunately.
      My main contention in this post though is Westerner’s who eat copious amounts of meat, shaming Asian countries, morally policing them from afar for their habits, even when they know no reasons for those habits, which makes it more insulting. Dog meat really isn’t popular in Korea. It is mostly eaten by an older generation. & i think it will fizzle out, as young people aren’t interested. But people just attack a culture as a whole & make no exception for the large % of people who don’t indulge.
      Westerners will happily write articles about the customs of far of places they only visited & have their say in that ‘i know better because i am from a Western country’ tone, but that is never reversed. Other countries don’t feel that same need to pry into other cultures. i quite like that.
      i should tag on the end here that i am not aiming this at you Mary, only trying to clarify my point further.

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