Powerless But Free?

Tim has the uncanny ability to see beyond the usual way we connect things to each other & what those connections mean & say something not only insightful & smart but something essential to us making better choices with the information that is out there, bombarding us or waiting to be found. To but it bluntly, he’s good.

word and silence

The image is a familiar one: an aging man or woman who becomes more and more bewildered and angered at the usual political corruption, or the pace of technological or social change. To protect themselves they become more and more strident and inflexible, and retreat behind whatever cultural or religious certainties they can. In the face of a world they suddenly realize (or have been reminded) is wide and various, and in the face of their powerlessness against this fact, they are convinced the only solution to this “problem” is believing One Way is the Only Way.

Thinking about this, it struck me recently that even though many of us don’t retreat behind some dogma as a result, we are also just as powerless in so many ways. Consider how little understanding we have of so many of the things we depend upon, from smartphones to food production to transportation…

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