Wonder how many people are going to search Google for an image of a Renault Twingo, haha. True story this.
The photo is an actual photo of the breakfast i serve at my guesthouse.


it’s funny ‘cuz i served a pilot for Korean Air
& he was completely normal
: he didn’t go from A-B with arms extended like a Boeing 747
purring take-off sounds out
the pinched bottom of his throat, guttural as an owl
—nor did he request his omelet
served in a foil tray, with sachets
of salt & pepper.

another bloke, face like uneaten pudding
with his wife, cute face & bob cut, like a Renault Twingo
—she’s overcast, like those days when cloud coddles
Jeju & the scenery escapes notice, not quite fog
but near enough— stirs her coffee, transposes her worry
from within to those dissolving… sugar granules
—if i got inside her worry i’d cut the brake cables.

they have a child
trying to etch in their silence
remarks like a farmer’s tractor
failing to start.

Posted by:DPM

DPM is an idea-logue (sic) and object-oriented speculative realist, attempting to be response-able in an irresponse-able society.

6 thoughts on “Breakfast

  1. “Wonder how many people are going to search Google for an image of a Renault Twingo”

    Not me, mate. I see enough of the bloody things on the road.

    1. The poem or the food? haha. Cheers. i’ll have a gander at your comedy. Although i am in a predicament now if i don’t follow you, you’ll know i don’t like it, which will hurt your feelings, but now, if i follow you’ll think it is out of pity, which is like saying going ahhhh when someone with a disability does something good, when really, of course disabled folk can do stuff. i must explain that i don’t get the time to read every blog so unless i see myself reading it, i won’t follow, so i apologize in advance.

      1. The food lol but the poem was nice as well! And trust me it won’t hurt my feelings, it’s all gravy!

  2. Really fun to read and imagine the pudding man and his car wife. Strange pairing but love knows no bounds.

    1. Not to be taken too literal, just bizarre similes. i don’t think a pudding man would survive long in our dessert obsessed society & a widowed Renault Twingo is just too sorrowful to contemplate. Thanks for your comment.

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