A simple lyrical poem from the time i wrote as much poetry as i could in a week, which prompted me to start to write from my experience of my environment & life, which i was previously not doing & struggling to write any poetry; in fact until my Week of Poems, i was on the cusp of giving up on poetry.
During the writing of this week long odyssey, i was in the middle of constructing our guesthouse & would quickly jot anything down in my notepad. Some of those poems have survived— though pulled into shape a bit, their raw beginnings persist.

Halla dawn


awake before the sun
i slip my dirty work jeans on
without the help of artificial light
pull on my shirt
freckled with green paint
& white mortar
eat sticky rice, kimchi
a spoonful or two of bean soup
to scoop the tired out my head
—then feed the dog & sit with her
awhile, stroking her cold fur
whilst waiting for the sun to bob up
—buoy of the day, it comes
from behind the mountain
same old sun.


5 thoughts on “ early ”

  1. “…buoy of the day…”

    Love that.

    I’d like to see the leviathan that chews the sun’s anchor rope for the whole night!

    1. Ta very much. This is a simple poem but i think it has a warm-canto-earnest sensibility. Be some sight to watch old Levi gnaw on sun ropes like a toothless man with a lump of gristle. I’ll keep my eye on the sky.

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