You may remember, though i am sure you wished to forget that i posted sometime ago the Jesus Army Saga, in which Charlie was kidnapped by the Jesus Army (a real organization, church?) & had some adventures before finally driving them bat @#&% crazy & being expelled from their farm/penitentiary.
i wrote so many of these poems & with a narrative in mind, originally, but have decided to dump them on here willy-nilly as if Charlie was an unstoppable force of nature.
These Psalms of Charlie were to make, not a narrative through the narrative but an aside from it, like a sub plot without a pilot or destination, just a whimsical annex.
i am hoping to get all the misdemeanour of crude thinking out my noodle & maybe a brief return to Charlie’s despicable world of Godly God will spick n’ span my head.
For anyone who’d care to go back to the Jesus Army Saga.

Psalm 1

Him. Godly God. He’s Heaven am an untidy bed,
mattress & sheets got rainbow stains, most sticky nor
identified. Him’s light is of a Zippo’s blaze
that sparks his Silk Cut No 1’s, lights the worlds’ stoves.
Him chase her-devils through the gaseou caves of Hell
that lick his loin with sulphur’s tongue, which tickles him
in oddly ways so scrunches eyes & purses lips.
Him been a wrong ‘un so they is not like him now.
Praise to the angels who stand him up straight n’ right
when he drank too much rum & milk with Hade’s son.
They get them ears fill with bad words for doing good,
his bolts of light he lobs to chase their tails to Heaven.
Why? Glory to Oojoo who laughs at Godly God’s
fart jokes n’ all things pulled from his nose, ears & arse
whilst watching dramas spoken in all languages.

Posted by:DPM

DPM is an idea-logue (sic) and object-oriented speculative realist, attempting to be response-able in an irresponse-able society.

6 thoughts on “The Psalms of Charlie Malurkey— i

  1. This is a really good one. Lyrical, musical and comically blasphemous. I like!

      1. I think this is your voice. There’s power and complexity in the prose combined with the raw intellect of the literary devices you use. Your Korea Poems also speak from a place of authority. But, this is entertaining, and above all else, a writer’s first job is to entertain. (That is a quote. I’m not sure of its provenance.)

      2. How well you know me Pablo. These poems fall out of me, they are easy to write, because i can draw on the so much nonsense in my head. i have a minor fascination with nonsense & it is a default setting. The reason i don’t focus on it, is due to it being tough reading & people don’t get it & feel stupid, which isn’t the intention. i get twice the attention for a Korea poem over a Malurkey poem, because the Korea poem communicates culture. otherness & something people want to experience, but the Malurkey poems i feel baffle a little & people are not on firm ground. They will be an undercurrent until (fingers crossed) one day i am in a position to bring them to the fore in a behemoth collection of saturated nonsense, blasphemy & asinine crudeness, with the Church & State baying for my blood, haha. Fingers crossed.

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