i had a little less work to do one of the days this week, so rather than kip in a sunny chair i took Boreum out for a plod through my usual haunts & took the camera out. i find my eye drifts toward light & shape rather than the documentation of a going-on. i don’t know what this means just yet, perhaps it is simply an easy method: i don’t have to interrupt anyone & plead them for a snap, i can indulge myself, slowly in what is already arranged. i do find i don’t just snap wildly, i may come back after a few hours with just 30-40 photos & i’ll usually keep under 10 & each photo is almost always of an assortment of things rather than the same thing or scene laboured over to get it right. 

The onion harvesters ain’t eating no sandwiches, they are eating a full meal of rice, soup, savoury pancakes, kimchi & various other side dishes— no messing about for a grafter, they get fed right.


Posted by:DPM

DPM is an idea-logue (sic) and object-oriented speculative realist, attempting to be response-able in an irresponse-able society.

4 thoughts on “Attempts at Arrangement

  1. A nice set! Particularly the lunch picture. I wonder if it would be a good idea to crop it a bit so the subject is more prominent since I want to zoom in as it is. Or maybe not, and just to keep more context in place.

    1. Thanks. i know how to edit a little but i don’t know how to crop. The simple software i have allows cropping but i didn’t figure it out yet. How do you feel about the low saturation with the primary colours boosted? Does it look ok?

      1. It makes it more earthly vibrant (some people call it pop) whilst cutting out the more distracting colours so I like that approach. Personally, I would boost red/orange while desaturate yellow/blue in the background or sky – then adding/subtracting contrast/shadows as appropriate. it’s sometimes more work to make it look natural since most camera/lens combo adds a layer of unwanted “unnaturalness” which needs taking away – this is also why some say expensive optics “do not add anything” to a scene and reproduces the colours exactly as you see it.

      2. I’ll try out your recommendations. I really appreciate it. Earthy was what i instinctively thought. I began by oversaturating everything but quickly grew unhappy with that aesthetic then started setting my Canon to neutral or faithful & liked the look. Thanks again. Really.

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