TSomething a little different, a somewhat mythological piece, though the hero of the poem is a dog, my dog, who you may recognize from other poems of mine. i am sure many of you may know what this is a parody of.

Boreum’s fight with the Sea

At first the sea retreated. clenched
its face up crenellate, maw all molars
— Boreum flashed her canines, sun dyed
accent dripping off them. The sea whispered orders

in the ears of black-head gulls, formation! Signaled
themselves into a boomerang, which split
the sun— their beaks fixed bayonets
—nosedived kamikaze at Boreum, some speared

the scoria & billowed like tattered flags
— Boreum got out of dodge to avoid the
incoming reserve of gulls following the flops
— hoop curved rewind upward parabola

pouty pinions nipped, they stalled firm
& limbered to land. the sea sent the next trick-up-its-sleeve
commanded a light brigade of waves
—Boreum blinded by the coruscating sun in their foamy

manes— volley of pebbles, glib as katabatic wind
as solid, chewed up by their fat hooves, Boreum
in a briny, shallow crevice, waited
out that cavalry, insensate with its own aplomb.

The sea had pulled all its punches, weary
it opted to negotiate— Boreum had just one hope
: she wanted to be best pals with the sea.
From the grapple of paw & wet salt came friendship

which sailed beyond their differences. Good sea : Good dog.
Heading back home Boreum wouldn’t quiet nor
still, barking & wagging wagging & barking her
tail & tongue, for her new pal the sea.

Posted by:DPM

DPM is an idea-logue (sic) and object-oriented speculative realist, attempting to be response-able in an irresponse-able society.

7 thoughts on “Boreum’s Fight with the Sea

  1. “Good sea: good dog”… honestly, DPM? That line is a fecking victory. That lone phrase has power and its simple and its everything and everywhere. A genius shows the entire world what it has not considered up until that point.

    I honestly and completely think you are a real, LITERAL genius… that line has legitimately earned it.

    Damn! Cue my jealousy over your talent in 3… 2… 1…

      1. Me & Bob have spoken about our intentions to write those kinds of lines & agree it is what makes us similar to one another. They are the lines that only we could write & yes other poets can surely write those inspired lines but they are always personal. i honestly don’t find many poets who do it, doesn’t make them bad poets, just they don’t seem either to go for that sort of thing or they can’t. i can say this without ego because i seek them, i wait in hiding within myself for them. i’m so pleased when they register with people. Your reactions make me feel i’m getting poetry right, which is really the only thing i want to accomplish in my life, screw everything else, haha.
        That line by Robert must give Brahman a hard-on.
        “Words conceal what the night cannot.” from Bob’s poem ‘Magic’ was another such line that goosepimpled me of late, how does he do it, stuns me. Lines like that make me sob with joy.

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