i made a trip to the mainland by ferry the other day to make an Ikea run for our new pension. Though being inside Ikea literally makes me feel like i’m being crucified while a crow pecks at my viscera, i at least had an opportunity to take some photos of the ferry & Seoul— gotta make the best of a skull numbingly dull situation such as any situation involving Ikea.
The ferry gave me ample chance to use the windows for reflection-shots & people were pretty off guard. In Seoul i was only interested in the buildings, as they provoke so varied a response in me & in people generally, but i was so busy in Seoul i didn’t have much of a chance to take as many photos as i’d have liked.
On returning i haven’t been all that well, the schedule was a bugger, having to sleep in a public room over night, next to snoring ajeossi & then having to cook breakfast for a full house as soon as i got back; plus, Seoul’s overbearing noise & pollution always does a number on me— i don’t know how human beings have come to develop a tolerance for thriving in cities, they are vile places. i am on the mend now after walking down by the sea & drinking in some sea air. Enjoy the fruits of my 2 day trip.

Posted by:DPM

DPM is an idea-logue (sic) and object-oriented speculative realist, attempting to be response-able in an irresponse-able society.

6 thoughts on “Crossing the Yellow Sea for Seoul

  1. I can’t imagine what Seoul is like now, it was crowded and dirty enough in the mid-seventies when I was there. Still, where the put the park along the river is much nicer than what used to be there. I know it has sprawled southward and swallowed up the little villages I knew. It looks like the buildings are of better construction these days from your photos. I am glad you are recovered from the trip. I rode buses all over the country and can imagine how taxing your travel was.

    1. What were you doing in Seoul in the 70’s? Was Kim Chung-hee the president then? i’m certain you would recognize nothing, except perhaps Jongno, which still is an old town.Apart from that the place would be unrecognizable. i have no joy for Seoul i see only business tech business tech pork soju tech business pollution everywhere in all its varieties. i literally felt sick when i got back to Jeju, depleted, like i’d been poisoned; i know i’m over sensitive, but i think because i live somewhere clean Seoul did a number on me.
      The travel isn’t the problem, we had a tight schedule, i enjoyed the ferry, i like the perspectives you get of things, it is being in a car that does me. i’m a simple person, i walk places.

      1. I guess the pollution would be from cars now. When I was there it was from every home have an ondol heated with burning coal brick and bulgogi places that were like being in a house fire. I worked in communications for Osan Air Base, that’s why I say Seoul swallowed up all the villages which even Suwon still was then. I hope your Ikea was worth it.

      2. Suwon is a big town now. & the volume of traffic is staggering in Seoul. The road from Guro to Yeongdeungpo is constantly jammed 24 hours, literally, a slow crawl for a god 30-40 minutes.
        Angela, Ikea is never worth it, i just offered to help my wife out. If i was offered Dante’s inferno for a month or 1 hour in Ikea, i’d take Inferno. haha

      3. Me too actualy at least the inferno would be interesting.. My stuff is all thrift shop :finds or Korean. I still sleep on a yo.

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