dead Jindo soliloquy

Daniel Paul Marshall

i hope Tim Miller at wordandsilence doesn’t mind that i quote his long poem To the House of the Sun in a sonnet about a dead Jindo?

Dead Jindo Soliloquy

Maggots dripping from its black
mouth like molten Bramley oozing from a split in pastry.
A white hire car likely hit it: 99% more traffic
accidents in 2016— this poor Jindo won’t make
statistic. Maggots waste not want not. i turn to my
dog & say, this body too will look like that
it is not exempt from that fate
i quote from scripture: Miller, HOS, Book 24:1.
She’s ill at ease, her eyes & tail tell all.

The corpse has many lessons, wants so little,
gives flesh & sinew to the dust or hungry animals,
its stiff tongue never argues, only lolls
in mockery of fretting that the living deal

—the breathlessly anxious are the joke of the…

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14 Comments Add yours

  1. pseudonymous says:

    Utterly rancid yet lovable all the same

    1. There are lessons from the dead. The simile to the maggots in the second line speaks volumes.

      1. pseudonymous says:

        You can’t trust a person that steps on a grave, I agree

      2. No & to something, a dead dog looks delicious, even if they aren’t conscious.

      3. pseudonymous says:

        Isn’t a dead dog looking delicious a primary indicator of conscious activity said the maggot

      4. Well, i suppose you got me there. Not an apperceptive maggot but nevertheless it sort of chose to be there. I doff my hat to you.

      5. pseudonymous says:

        And I doff my beanie in return. Really though I liked this one a lot. I should check out Tim’s.

      6. Tim’s book is a monster but crammed full of wisdom as it is composed of 1000s of years of wisdom. If you get the book & see it, & read it, you’ll know why i refer to it as “scripture”.

  2. “The corpse has many lessons…” So true.

    1. I thought the dark interior of your mind might like that, which appearing dark is actually quite an enlightened position.

  3. Bonsai says:

    I want to write a poem like this. I saw a huge dead carp today on the rain soaked beach. That should have inspired me! Every time I walk the beach in the rain I notice dead things. Bits of things washed up in a recent rebellion.

    1. You absolutely should. i don’t know what i’d write about if not for sea junk & dead stuff to get me kick started. i see it as a sort of alchemy to turn base themes into something as necessary as poetry.
      You could do a sort of homage parody to the dead Jindo, haha, not that death is a laughing matter.

  4. Tim Miller says:

    Lolz thanks Danny Boy, I hope Buddha don’t mind I stole from him for that great line; credit given in the HOS notes at least. Poor dog. Great pic too.

    1. We best both watch the sky for his levins.

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