wind soliloquy

wind soliloquy

A lot of it about. What does it? Pulls a tree’s ears.
Slaps a child, else we’d never know it’s about.
i lost an argument to it in December.
Did much huffing // puffing— what cares the wind?
Doesn’t do right angles nor algebra. Blew Euclid
into squiggles. War on toupees. War on litter & smog.
Skirt-lifter. Chair-toppler. Cheeky beggar.
Blew grit in granny’s teeth: no moral code.
Nepalese wind is edible, i knew a monk
who lived on it. Too transparent for government.
Its sick of being a euphemism for fart.
The hamster cannot use its treadmill if the window’s open.
The blow in every note. Crick in every neck.
Hindus call it Vayu & prana, it’s vital.

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  1. kvennarad says:

    And there you have Zephirus eek with his sweete breeth summed up in fourteen lines.

    1. He can have more but as he blows through all things i’d write nothing but wind poems.

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