tips: look everything up & down. look into things. looks around them. try to see beyond them to anything on the otherside. hold still. hold breath. keep your eye out. sometimes be patient. know you may have to rush. be ready. imagine your head can swivel 360°. become light & shadow. know the seepage of light. up. down. in slants across n’ up. so much is happening at every moment. there’s ∞ a photograph going on


Posted by:DPM

DPM is an idea-logue (sic) and object-oriented speculative realist, attempting to be response-able in an irresponse-able society.

13 thoughts on “there’s ∞ a photograph going on

  1. God, these are so perfect! They have an existential quality I can’t name, but these really hit home. You have such an eye for visual form and instinct for literary power… I am so jealous! Your talent sickens me! Could you stop being so talented? You are making it really hard for me to maintain my delusions of grandeur! LOL!

    And as always my actual response will be to go back to my own work inspired to make it even better and more true.

    9 stars out of 5 for these brilliant images…

  2. I think it’s this island Daniel. It does something to one’s wiring. This creative spell descended upon me really after i moves here & unhooked myself from too academic a perception & just gave myself to a more visual & organic method of production. In short, by not trying to think or thinking too much i became more able to produce.

      1. You are going places us mortals can’t go. I feel like one of the Bene Gesserit watching Paul Atreides become Muad’Dib… except in this case what follows is all fun and no war!

      2. Me too. Lots and LOTS of Makkoli!! And let’s not forget to bring along a few cans of Hite too. Great.. now I’m hungry for some real, authentic chapchae and there’s none around. Dammit!!

  3. I’m glad you asked it’s a good question and prompted me to see them again. With your photography there is the initial impression. That is always an important moment as its where it all begins, sets the stage. But your work gives way into motion and sensory modifications. First I see the shape of the crane. The symbol. Then it moves. Comes to life. Carries things from a fixed point.

    What could be a flower ends up being the soft powdery smell of makeup, coverups in the name of art and beauty.

    I’m with you on the glass depth thing, that pic speaks for itself. That one you don’t even need metaphor or anything it’s a prism with an older version of the universe on it.

    The kettle, obviously I hear it, but then I begin to wonder whose it is, see and hear the world in fast forward, think of all that wind until you spotted them removing it, or never removing it at all. I like the colors.

    The quiet lantern bell rings bright stark and proud yet utterly alone there’s no one it’s hard to tell when the picture was even taken. I like to see it swinging. Perhaps lit up at night. No one graffitis it.

    The next three, esp the third since I dont understand it, and the second one too (im on my phone and swimming) invoke street stories of a language I dont understand but a smell and a story I am all too familiar with. The buddhas are like your bridge. And we float like the clouds do liquidlike fullspeed ahead into the chorus and conclusion the murmur of quiet life in formation.

    Thats probably different from the first time I’m sure.

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