Plastic Surgical Hope over Brekkie

Such amounts of amateur theologian, faith run in the marrow
ligaments shaped like halos & roods
an horrific plastic surgery cock-up
—not actually, but such them’s believe is.
they’s winged with daft: them crackpot thinks is been maked-up.
A kitchen with tough lighting holds them found of Christ
with lamps cannot them’s see enough? i gone blind as a mole.

the brothers talking what they’ll first do
when they pass through the heavenly gates of pearl
& Charlie laughs milk pearls & Coco Pops out his nostrils
the gates weres gone much time ago chums.
him Godly God made shames with making say there’s full
& angry Serap-him got down them gates with harp strings.
&ddition Godly God not is get out from bed, ever!
his bed a massive mess of rum & bacon butties. 
—him like that, what’s-iz-name…?
sorta-n’ insect or summat named Jonathan Lemon
from them more times of colourfulness
& peace people with nice hair— had a scary wife like a drippy tap
& sang to the rhythm of ham n’ eggs?
‘cept, well… Godly God is a massive git & them were nice bed-people.
the look Charlie slung up their faces— priceless.

& Charlie gibbers gibbous words come night but Jesus Army
ears are listen good as Confession
with emptied milk glasses pressed on the wall.
: O Godly God them in’t too wrong in their behave
a smidgen lunatic n’ saft but them want well to breathe…
why done tip cow on one of those? they fed me good
who you is such a bugger to, yet let me see you clear as lemonade.
I’m loose my rag with all them wrongs you did
while plastered on the rum & milk.

They angry with his portraiture of Everything them hold as dear.
& breakfast looks of scorn go ignorant
on Charlie’s jocund ways about himself (him water // foddered)
: we quarrel with your love of Christ our Lord
we find it is not satisfactory to health of this commune!
Still not been talkt about this chap you always speaking of?
dumb-losted Charlie says emphatic-wise.
He hard-of- knowing their believes, this place
—he wanting bed & board, he should do study sturdy on
them Jesus persons’ dogma they imagine truth
—the windy shore may clement come of yets
despite the iffy sails that just don’t fit
—but Charlie’s luck is got a breach on the poop-deck.

Posted by:DPM

DPM is an idea-logue (sic) and object-oriented speculative realist, attempting to be response-able in an irresponse-able society.

6 thoughts on “part v of the Jesus Army Saga—Plastic Surgical Hope over Brekkie

  1. It took me a careful second read to get the Jonathan Lemon Lennon and Yoko, nice hair peace people staying in bed, symbolism of God and Christ sleeping. Wait. Did I get that right?
    It’s a deep, though sometimes difficult read. The brackets with an ellipse – is that an omission, or a decorative element? I’m curious what was left out. If it was important enough to document, perhaps it could have been included?
    But the Lemon-Lennon epiphany was worth the entire poem. Not discounting the milk glasses eavesdropping on his prayers and the Jesus people thinking twice about having let this stranger into their communal bliss.
    I’m looking forward to more.

    1. You got the Lennon & Yoko in bed simile right. it isn’t a symbol of God & Christ sleeping. it should be remembered that in this universe of mine, God is Godly God & he conducts everything from his untidy bed, which he seldom if ever leaves. when he does leave it is either to go drink the Devil under the table or play pranks on man with Oojoo, his wing man, side-kick. Charlie sees stuff, watches a lot of TV, but has an atrocious memory, enough to spit something of a description but never hit the nail on the head. here, the simile is Godly God to Lennon & (Oojoo) Yoko. the cock-up he make is that Lennon said the Beatles were “bigger than Jesus” & he is currently among an Army of Jesus. i thought that was funny.
      when reading this imagine the (perhaps mistakenly) unflattering depiction of God in Paradise Lost, written by Peter Cook.
      the bracketed ellipses is an invitation for the reader to have the Jesus Army Brother’s conversation about what they will do when they step through the peraly gates, which is quickly shot down by Charlie who laughs about it, because the gates got torn down because Godly God tried to put a sign up on them to persuades tha ‘heaven’s full’.
      i might add that Charlie never so much prays as actually talks to Godly God. he has a direct connection to him, against Charlie’s will. Charlie actually sort of dislikes Godly God, because he makes him be a comedian. we don’t know why this is yet, but it’ll be revealed at some point no doubt.
      i’m so glad people are taking pains to understand these poems. i’ve tried a few times to get them an audience. i really appreciate your efforts. truly truly.

      1. Great. I’m glad to take the time to find their meanings. They are obscure, at times, but isn’t this what poetry is meant to be? Not nursery rhymes, but profound proclamations, as Schnee wishes, though I’m sure tongue-in-cheek, to be ‘meditated upon for many hours and days’ to achieve the kotodama? Charlie strikes me as a character with long dark Jesus hair modified in a sort of early 70s mullet with a very fair, almost translucent pasty complexion. A slightly dumbfounded George Harrison, with flowers in his hair, during the time the Beatles were being exploited by the Maharishi Yogi. Also a Gulliver from the Travels.

      2. they are ‘obscure at times’ but that is really due to the use of such odd scansion, which is really a poetry for the Everyman, it is a doing away with flighty poetic language & gives us the hyperbolic offal of true English speech, not your Netflix period English crap, but an (over-exaggerated) working class dialect. no one speaks like Charlie, he is the epitome of hyperbole. i originally was going to give him just one dialect & not push it, but then i thought why not make him a sort of Blake’s Albion, but using all dialects without discrimination & this bodes well with him having had his Broca’s Area tinkered with by Godly God. so you’ll find some Midland dialect, Cockney & Mancunian in Charlie’s idiolect.
        Charlie actually has ginger hair, i’m sorry to report, but i do love the idea of him having a ginger mullet now, there may need to be a Charlie meets an aging Van Halen poem now. he certainly has the translucent skin though.

      3. I need to leave the interpretation to the intellectuals then. I wasn’t aware of Charlie’s dialects being specific. Maybe it’s the reason it sounds obscure to me, as you mention. I’ve watched all of Doc Martin and much late British comedy, drama and documentaries, and I’m able to sometimes distinguish different accents, even when they use an accent to poke fun of it, as in Louiser’s ‘spikey’ country speak, but I have no idea what end of the isles they represent. I’m very interested in linguistics, having spoken a few languages in my life, though finally settling on English, I’ve forgotten most of them.

      4. it’ll be hard to distinguish as he’ll use maybe two or three in a single sentence & they are muddled into the iffy grammar, which makes it more difficult. he really is a dialect unto him self. it is to be experienced.
        no worries about intellectualizing, it isn’t necessary. the way i write them isn’t intellectually, not consciously anyway. they are sort of an outpouring of silliness for me. a processing of daftness.

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