Divine wind + cow + Jesus freak = accident

On bicycles: Charlie in hurrying to cure a brother due a rib
crowned with a piebald cow (he got intuitions)
to squish him & his inner mechanisms, a maiming done.

Some days, no caution mooing out the wind
it only topples, quietly, with snuffs & flings our crap around.

Arrive & it a mess
with limbs in odd positions they not meant to be
—a circle’s made and prayers begin
O Lord please raise this man as Thou did Lazarus.
Who is of purest ilk among all men & young in years, a child of yours.
His rightful time of everlasting bliss beside you in wide heaven
is not yet come, we plead— he still has much to do…

aye, him does all them’s washing up
& cook’s the scran Charlie hides in his breath.

Charlie joined in the babbling chorusing
of ask despite his pitiful diction
Head’s up Godly God, hear this…
here young fella makes a bosting scrambled egg on toast
no one else bothers with many margarine & black pepper
& now you think it clever dumping cows on him
with your’s godly stomach wind.
do us a favour eh… give him another crack at this
despite his better being off a done dead of life
—these saft-in-the-noodle sods, them wear believe
: they wish them sown with selves to you
yet fear being dead. it daft ay it— do us a fair-cop, pal.

The cow suddenly hoisted by spectral cranes
built with Divine agree
—dyspneic soldier of the Jesus Army
clammy due to the central heating of a death
—cucumber calm— he much like Lazarus, as well an all.
o the looks Charlie was received.

what did you see whilst in God’s pastures brother?
—I saw nothing but mayhem & the whole of Heaven in disarray.

that is the spot on of it. Charlie chuckles.

Posted by:DPM

DPM is an idea-logue (sic) and object-oriented speculative realist, attempting to be response-able in an irresponse-able society.

11 thoughts on “Part iv of the Jesus Army Saga— Divine wind + cow + Jesus freak = accident

    1. “Deliciously irritating” is an interesting description. But glad they hit a “spot”. This style of poetry (narrative) was an early love for me. It all began with my reading Blake. The density of his long works thrillled me.

      1. They do indeed hit a spot, and irritate in much the same way that Berryman’s work does, or a grain of sand with an oyster. The payoff is worth the work.

  1. “: they wish them sown with selves to you
    yet fear being dead.” A concept that always baffled me about my christ-friend fellas.
    Charlie has wit and a naive wisdom. Very Forest Gump, though I’d not want to demean your creation with such a comparison. He is an original sod, if you will pardon my British.

    1. Charlie has his moments. he’s sort of the vitally embodied featherless biped of the old ‘enough monkeys at typewriters will eventually write Shakespeare’ idea.
      it is an odd thing to fear death yet believe in heaven. i suppose the fear of pain surpasses the leap to heaven after it. i don’t know. i use Charlie to raise questions that is why he is so childish, sort of a Kaspar Hauser sort.
      i think Forrest Gump not at all demeaning, i quite like the comparison— Charlie is all of those lovable idiots. & your ‘British’ is spot on Pablo. he can be a ‘sod’.

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