Part ii of the Jesus Army Saga— Questions before a kip

Questions Before a Kip

That night— tummy, wide with crust cut sandwiches
PG Tips & lemonade, a Jaffa Cake
—a sopping head & heart that he are cradles by his self
: he couldn’t be much more the jovial.
Charlie, sinks in the goose down of the Jesus Army cot
the cross above his noggin is softened the dark
with its unnatural glow— a relic memory pops up
: his mom’s moisturized hand, rustling his ginger hair
in preparation of his forehead for a dreamy kip.

From bed now listens while the Jesus Army people pray
one like a tin machine repeat
: the blood of the lamb the blood of the lamb over & over again & again
till consciousness him part from for the moon’s night shift
—his whinnying voice a burden on attempting sleep
: I think them ill with sumfin that am piled with doubt…
…Godly God why they is like this in tongues & that?
it funny eh? N’ who this Jeezoos fella they is luvy-duvy with so bloody much?
you… never speak like them’s, do ya?
Nota: tell Jesus Army Brothers Godly God am lisping curst
— he far from in’t a perfect chap by a gobbin’s worth
: he gambles much with human drama, rants & moans at us
— is like a draft of rum at times. 
N’ Charlie Kipperson dreamt his dream of dark seas again.

4 Replies to “Part ii of the Jesus Army Saga— Questions before a kip”

    1. i’m glad you are finding the comedy in them, they are supposed to be funny. Charlie is a comedian & he doesn’t understand why he’s been tasked with this by Godly God, but it is because he is an idiot, so organically hilarious against his will. kinda like a clumsy person, but with Charlie it is due to the ingenuity of how he expresses himself.
      when you laugh please tell me, i am very curious as to what lands as funny in the poems.
      this is perhaps the third or fourth time i have attempted to find an audience for Charlie— i feel perhaps now is the right time.

  1. Wow. Beautiful. Touching. Malurkey’s naivete is like a knife that cuts thru the, please excuse the comparative, ‘babble’ of religious idiocy. I like it! The first Part left me uncertain, but Part ii shows signs of a true work of art.

    1. well part i was the setup, to get Charlie into the fold of the Jesus Army. Charlie is beaten-up by a gang of youths in the ist part & then has his keys stolen by a magpie, then due to hunger & no place to go, he is kidnapped. i might add that years ago i read an article in Vice about this very group, the Jesus Army, who were actually doing this: they were feeding the homeless in exchange for them being (sort of) recruited to work on their farms as, sort of fed, religious slaves.
      i thought it funny for Charlie to be seen as homeless, though he just had his keys robbed & was down in the dumps.
      thanks for the observations. Charlie is a pitiful thing.

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