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  1. Trump has hired canadian to investigate the meme with justin trudeau and ivanka. Perhaps the canadian investigator got overzelous in checking? juju / justin?

    1. a good guess but i don’t use Jeju as a tag, it is too obscure. good effort though, i doff my hat to you.

      1. πŸ™‚ the juju (apologies for the error) was an after thought that was fitting. Thanks!

      2. i think the ‘views’ must be a glitch perhaps. it’s up to 9 1/2 thousand now & all the views are of photographs.

      3. maybe they were really really really great pics

      4. Not bad photos but nearly 10000 views from one country seems unlikely.

      5. Those Canadians always so friendly though…

  2. robert okaji says:

    I’m more likely to find 128 visits and 3 views…

    1. Funny guy.
      What’s your theory on the matter? Nigh 10.000 views in just over an hour. From one country. It is very peculiar.

      1. robert okaji says:

        I haven’t a clue. Someone must have created an algorithm to do that, but why? I’d ask which posts were viewed, but that can’t matter (can it?) because no one could possibly view that number of posts in such a brief period of time. You might report this to WordPress. Perhaps they have an explanation.

      2. Well there are only about 3000 odd seconds in an hour & only a handful of Canadians have managed to make 9 & 1/2 thousands views in just over an hour so they have made one viewing each a second. I am very curious so i think i will report it.

  3. NO NEED TO REPORT IT. I am the Canadian you are looking for! πŸ™‚

    If you click on a picture you get one view, and if you click on 5 pics you get 5 views. When the pictures are set on a carousel like yours are, you can just click away and the views rack up rapidly. So I was rapidly clicking the pics for fun, to see if you would notice the unusual rise in views! I didn’t know it was that much though. LOL!

    Mystery solved.

    1. I did report it to WordPress out of curiosity. They just said “someone must really like those pics”. Again this morning i wake up to ‘boom’ 9100+ views. “WORDPRESS! I FOUND HIM, IT’S OK JUST DANIEL SCHNEE EXPERIMENTING!” i hope they heard me. Haha. i suppose thanks are in order. Thanks.

      1. There is more to the story. Yesterday I finally got around to buying the latest album from a band I love named Meshuggah. And for fun today I went to your site to see if you would notice the clicks… at first, but then noticed that by clicking on your photos they made a cool kind of smash cut “video” to go along with the music. No matter how dark or happy a photo is, when you smash cut anything in video it has a particular, jarring aesthetic, which I happen to like. So as I was listening to the album I was also smash-cutting “videos” to go along with the songs!

        So I was having a lot of fun at your site this morning! Great writing, great photos, and a lot of great “videos” for Meshuggah! πŸ™‚

      2. i am thrilled you got 18000+ views worth of joy from my site. utterly thrilled.

      3. 18,000? I am an underachiever! Let’s make that 20,000 to be safe!

  4. Oh my god! we found the Canadian! Or rather, he turned himself in hahhahaha. So funny.

    1. i imagine he’ll now be trying to best past scores in future posts. Watch out if you put photos up, Schnee is probably watching. Hahaha.

      1. He’ll be watchinv on all his devices simultaneously πŸ˜‚

  5. robert okaji says:

    So it wasn’t a nefarious hacker. Darn it. But The Nefarious Schnee has a certain sound to it… I’m certain that Dr. Seuss could have done something with that title.

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