for more information on the idiosyncratic genesis of these mined, peculiar sonnets & how you too can write a sonnet just like or similar, read my original post here & it’ll tell you what you need to know; & if you still have questions the comments box is below as always.


ignorance, but not your plain, post truth, Trumpean ignorance, or only part of that ignorance anyway; no, this ignorance conceals the whereabouts of the actual nature of the non-dual Brahman. from its avarana-sakti-concealing-power, the universe is vikshepasakti-projective-powered as a multiplicity. this is especially referred to along with Atman (breath / move / self / soul) making it an individual creature with a tangible form that breaks, bleeds & moans.

sully jam khi, re-oil sad asp
of shy mad ovum, reel bras, nah!
lay posy, pee big sun, eye boys in bras.
hide tax lex. dadz pro-nap,
raw if Rex eat soy. Sri Alf is sad of oil.
nth gab, reel eyes far a lot. shy sis
vow is gab a law of sun, a wet
pic SOS, a rum tan, glib. moi, pup?
: wag wag. “m’lud, big jam vat sully
raw guy, pro-soy is guy.” lay boys in law,
hide big sun, kak bras, kak glibs,
pee wiz, caw wet khi, Sri Rex;
reel a lot of cigs or asps, eat
far rum boys; “moi? nah; moi: wag wag.”

(The book you were reading was Volume 23 on Shelf 3 of Wall 3 of Hexagon: nr5ekdlkz0xlhew2hpudtsfmpfjlxgbch4e6kanybzi4pa0kx30q04or3n)



Posted by:DPM

DPM is an idea-logue (sic) and object-oriented speculative realist, attempting to be response-able in an irresponse-able society.

16 thoughts on “avidya mined from the

  1. This may sound like gibberish, but English is simply an alphabet that can be combined in any way, perhaps one day we will speak something like this?

      1. No need to resist change, language depends on the people, if it sounds right to them, then who are we to deny them? after all, 1010101010 is the reason we can communicate across borders.

  2. “m’lud, big jam vat sully
    raw guy, pro-soy is guy.” profound!

    I just spent the past week doing a crash course in Python. I think when I have time I might right some code to do something similar. It is surprisingly easy, with a few rules, link to a syllable counter, and use of a dictionary in the code.

    1. Python is something i can return to again & again & again… i like the Cardinal Richelieu sketch, Palin as Richelieu & the inspector says: “i put it to you you are not cardinal Richelieu but an impersonator?” & Palin replies in a cheeky, bad French accent “o you are too clever for me inspector, you ‘av found me owt.” hilarious.
      these poems, if you sit with the words & dictionary before you & attempt to make sense some of the nonsense becomes entertaining, if you read them carefully, you can probably pick out my intention, as you have done here. punctuation is key to making something legible & the meaning bolder. give it a go, at least visit & stare at the text like it were tv static.

      1. Hahaha. Although we had a misunderstanding, I can totally see why thinking I meant monty python would have still sort of made sense….but I meant python as in the computer programming language. Our exchange here has a bit of the absurd to it which is very fitting 😛 I will check out libraryofbabel- thanks 🙂

      2. that is the Luddite in me speaking. i wouldn’t have had the foggiest what python the computer program is. absurd begets absurd, i can live with that

      3. 🙂 I spent 5 days on a course not knowing what it is too, but I’m convinced I just need to start with one line of code at a time and take it from there…the key will be doing things I find fun and not only work related, and a poem generator will be fun!

      4. In python speak, if the two 1’s were strings then ‘1’ + ‘1’ would be ’11’ so you’re not too far off…better than thinking 1 + 1 = 97

  3. I was wondering, how about you consider writing one long feature article of your Journey in Jeju. The way I see it, you have:

    1)Exotic location photography
    3)Architecturally cool inn
    5)Nature Activism: Folk religion temples in peril issue/ stray dogs issue
    6)Spirituality: Your Sagely Master and year spent in the mountains
    7) Interesting Life experience

    If you could somehow weave all this together, you’ll have a popular crowd pleasing masterpiece.

    Moroever, your upcoming free verse Terza Rima could lend a hand to the temple/culture/nature conservation issue, since it is about nature reclaiming itself.

    Exotic travel photography are among the most popular media nowadays (just look at all those news features where they say “couple quits job to travel the world and make six figures….”).

    So I think if you could create such an article and submit it, you could get published on a major print magazine or paper. And who knows, many book deals have started this way.

    What do you think?

    1. A lot to think about. & major print magazines don’t just take articles from anyone they pay people for that. I can’t get published in small journals never mind an established print mag.

      1. They might feature you (I read stuff like that all the time on the papers) Moreover, poetry alone is not that popular, but exotic travel I believe would be the game changer. It is simply one of the most popular trending topics, and you are in the heart of cool travel location with all the right ingredients in hand.

        Even if it all falls through, it’s still worth writing just for your own blog. Moreover, competition in print is heavy, I feel they are not in a position to turn downs great stories.

      2. To be honest i’m not interested in writing like that. i have my own niche & i want to develop that. i am a poet & i am happy with a few readers maybe a small press book eventually. i have a firm belief in quality over quantity even when it comes to a readership. i want to be read accurately.

      3. That’s a good approach, but you know what they say when playing darts: Aim for the center and you’ll end up somewhere on the plate, aim for the plate and you might miss entirely.

        For example, look back at the phenomenal growth of your blog after Robert’s feature interview of your poems. I only found out about your blog because of Tim Miller’s post.

        Just some good for thought.

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