gulls in monochrome & other things

posted this yesterday & didn’t get much out of it, maybe it is just a crap post, but here goes one more time for it to have its day.

Daniel Paul Marshall

i took the hound out today, not unlike any other day when the rain doesn’t lash down on the island, but is carried off on great blasts of wind that ferry everything in its arms. the wind today was severe & sharp, felt like i was in a knife chase & i was losing ground. the cloud massed like buckets of garlic & i experimented with monochrome. the ambidextrous weather impelled a vital effort on my part to use that monochrome setting on my camera, vital, because i have been putting it off, terrified of everything looking like an early Wes Anderson movie, because this is Jeju, not Wes Anderson, Jeju! home of rust, the wind at its source, the sea & sky, salted houses & agents of the weather, more Jim Jarmusch or Kim Ki Duk than Anderson.
here’s a poem i wrote in Spring which appeared at PoetHead

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  1. angela1313 says:

    I think it is breathtaking. I am glad you overcame your fear, good way to start a new year, no?

    1. Cheers Angela i have so much prepared for the New Year, this year has been fruitful blog & poetry wise, quite a nice community has opened up to me. I am grateful to you for sharing thoughts with me & reading. Happy New Year.

  2. Daniel, particularly like the combo with the stark images and what the sea did, and congratulations :).

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