final singing bowl poem – ㅎ

the final poem in a series of 14 about a singing bowl inspired by Robert Okaji’s Shutters Poems.
i hope everyone enjoyed these poems, which were really an exercise in how far i could carry a motif, how far a single object could be morphed into shape, sound & thought.
i do doubt i could have padded them out, could have thought deeper about them & came out with more, but that wasn’t the purpose i set myself.
if anyone has any singing bowl poems appear to them, please share them, i’d be interested to see what you come up with.

what have you been
while it sang
full swing
while it still echoes
a mono-verse

– going around in circles?

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  1. The ending is astounding, it’s so eloquent. You have certainly ended it on a high note!

    1. I wanted it to something like Pound’s close of the Cantos “i have tried to write paradise…” but turn the witnessing of an opening onto paradise to the reader. a sort of startle into seeing & hearing.

      1. I say this surpasses Pound’s closing in substance since the “what have you been doing” reminds us to pay attention to Dharma and not let the mind wander during the service. Also, to me, good poetry is when it breezes past my mind and moves my heart. Like this ending has done.

      2. Thanks for expressing such praise. It’s nice to know it affects people. Your interpretation is spot on.

      3. Whether it surpasses Pound is unlikely but you certainly make a good case.

      4. According to Confucius, the best art is to promote morality, so that is why I said in substance.

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