yes, the iind post of the day, a bit much, maybe even showing off; however, WordPress were magnanimous enough to upgrade my storage to 6GB for no other reason than they are smashing folk, so i figured i’d share some photos, as reparation & thanks, of my trip to England.
i wasn’t fortunate enough to get much in the ways of good weather, December in England is gloomy beyond compare, an unceasing drizzle- blink & you’ll miss daylight all together the day is so short. however, a morning, an evening & one whole day of weather opened up, suitable enough for taking some pics; just that in 10 days, utterly peeved, but i think i made the best of a raw deal.
i am surrounded by countryside where i live & it is the only thing i am interested in photographing; there isn’t an inch i don’t know, i have been walking there almost my entire life.
i wasn’t interested in photography until recently, as some of my regular readers will know, so i was eager to get some pictures to look at when i miss home. hope you enjoy them even a little as much as i enjoy walking there.

(click on the images for additional information)

Posted by:DPM

DPM is an idea-logue (sic) and object-oriented speculative realist, attempting to be response-able in an irresponse-able society.

14 thoughts on “photos of England

      1. Pub grub and a fine stout, delicious! I think interiors of the Elizabethan/ Jacobean era are the best, just look at Hatfield House.

      2. I sometime feel that it seems the essence of the country has been left to decline, for example, did you get caught up in that train delay thing. How did it get that bad?

      3. I don’t know about the train delays. The privatization of trains is something everyone hates though, they are pretty horrific in England.

  1. Wonderful stuff Daniel, just now getting back to yr site. If that’s gloomy it’s the kind of gloom I like. I’m always a little speechless when seeing the heather…

    1. Heather is a lucky plant: i think it is classed as a weed, due to how aggressive it is, it is lucky, because it is beautiful & shelters a lot of animals so we don’t pare it back much.
      Most of these were taken between 12 & 3 in the afternoon, but it looks like late evening, thus the sense of gloom for ghe English who struggle with such a lack of daylight. I’m interested to know the compendium of your thoughts after catching up.

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