singing bowl ㅈ

the next consonant :ㅈ, in a series of poems about a singing bowl, written after Robert Okaji’s shutters poems. go here to read the original prolegomenon.

suppose mankind erased
-a child unhappy with their sketch,
a mandala swept into the wind
with bristles & bare feet
-but left on one side of the earth
is a singing bowl at the bottom
of a pile of animal & human carcasses.
& on the other side of the earth
beneath the husks of machines,
valves, pistons, exhausts, carburetors,
0cables, grease, variety of
twisted metals, the shells of monitors,
glass & plugs another singing bowl
– which pile do you think, by chance,
will broach the hemisphere
of om & follow the circumference
of the singing bowl & wake
man sleeping in the dust?

a penny for your thoughts

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