singing bowl ㅇ

the next consonant :ㅅ, in a series of poems about a singing bowl, written after Robert Okaji’s shutters poems. go here to read the original prolegomenon.


say its hum explains us,
without biology or neuroscience,
say it explains the property
of being alive, say
it causes homeostasis
& all the bother of ignorance
diminishes to history,
to a curiosity for students
& scholars to sift
through in university libraries,
to spend hours picking apart
material with strong metabolisms,
to prepare for tests,
to enlighten with echoes
& emerge no better off.

5 thoughts on “singing bowl ㅇ

  1. I just had an idea, maybe you could eventually (a long term project) compile together some sort of art book/ guide book of Jeju where you explore the culture, shrines, locals, history with your poems, photos, essays and personal experiences. This seems like a good magnum opus that might get published.

    1. i think a collaboration would be in order. it is a good idea. i may actually talk to my pal Joey about it. a few westerners have done books about the haenyo, & one Korean American did a book of short stories.
      as to your Ode, i think the master would have been very pleased to be memorialized with a poem, but i wonder after so many years of practice whether he needed a guide for reaching nirvana.

      1. Exactly, you should collaborate with Joey. I was at the bookstore the other day and I browsed through several cool/abstract/picture art books in the bookstore and it suddenly occurred to me that this is something you need to do before you retire back to England. The difference between you and the others is that you would have all around more material, interviews, original art/photos, current events and perspective.

        Also, thanks for your kind words on the poem.

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