singing bowl ㅅ

the next consonant :ㅅ, in a series of poems about a singing bowl, written after Robert Okaji’s shutters poems. go here to read the original prolegomenon.


it warps the needy out
of sorts with earthly matters
like a top reaching the
tumble of its pirouette,
tells them with tottering
vowels & consonants,
to be consoled
that it is pledged
to stay with them,
a varnish for
the beams of the roof
a soluble ting seeped
into the clay walls
the rug & the tea pot,
the glaze that films
the white porcelain;
-it keeps moisture out the grain
& insulates bellies
-a figurine of the deity without
a carcass held together
with clay, brass or skin

-an intangible form that lives
until the monk
is hungry again

6 thoughts on “singing bowl ㅅ

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