we see things differently

my experiments with shape & light, there are only wrong answers, you can never get any of these right, no matter how hard you try, no matter how meticulous your prayers. asking all the right questions you’ll get the wrong answers & if you turn those wrong answers into questions you’ll elicit laughter from something because unfathomably those wrong answers turned to questions will give you the right answers, which is impossible. this is as close a definition of snafu as there is.


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  1. These are very good, I like it, all the colors, rugged shapes, contrasts melt together very well. The photography has been getting better and better ever since you upgraded the site.

    1. thanks. today was misty on the mountain so rather than try my hand at landscapes i got intimate with the land & saw all manner of things in the shape. the colours match the windy, misty mood of a dying season.

      1. I like mist, especially a warm sight such as a quaint cafe or house with lamp light surrounded by mist.

      2. it has a particular aesthetic, certainly.

  2. rothpoetry says:

    Cool stumps! I see animal heads!!

    1. haha i do too. can you be more specific to see if what we see match

      1. rothpoetry says:

        A lion head on the first one and a lizard head on the second!! (<:

      2. we see things differently

      3. rothpoetry says:

        That is what Art is…!

      4. i can’t quarrel with that.

  3. angela1313 says:

    I had an art instructor at university who would look at people’s work and exclaim “Mashed potatoes!!” and tell them to keep working. Mashed potatoes was his code for bland, insipid and “No Texture!”. I love the texture in these photos, it makes me long to reach out and touch what I see.

    1. your instructor had a very interesting way of break blandness to people i am happy these may have staunched his saying “mashed potatoes!”

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