What the Shore Road says about me

Jeju’s shore roads are stunning, just see for yourself below. after getting a decent bicycle of late, i have been taking trips up & down the shore road & seeing what it has to offer aesthetically.

i have been riding my bike so much these days my arse has been moulded by the aquiline seat. i have also, as is evidenced by the photos, been taking my camera with me. the more photos i take, the more i see how what i choose to photograph says something about my personality. does anyone else get this feeling when they get their hoard of photos back after a trip out & study them while editing?

sometimes there is a purely aesthetic reason, i do love the calm whirring of the wind farms as they suck the wind up to produce energy, but i can’t say if the aesthetic is because i know the good they do. i don’t find it particularly interesting to snap pics of flowers, but i wonder if people do so because of the good they do, because they are charmed as any insect to adore them.
but sometimes, the aesthetic appeal seems more difficult to extrapolate from the more subtle reasons, the reasons that may infer something psychological, which i am unawares of. i’d be very interested to know peoples’ thoughts on this as i am still finding my feet in trying to express in words what is am doing with sight.



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  1. pseudonymous says:

    I love turbines too, it’s interesting to think about what our pictures we take say about ourselves, I’ve certainly thought about this in other types of artforms, but not with photography. Out here we dont have them on the ocean like that but there’s dozens of them in Livermore you can drive a windy two lane road through the grassy hills beneath them.

    1. More & more pop up here. I find them so peaceful. I’ll ride my bike out to them & just stop under them to hear the wind roar in their mouth.

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