on the adequacy of landscape

i find landscape pictures difficult: the lighting must be absolutely spot on, which is determined by a number of factors you have no control over but must anticipate. your pretty much onto a winner for light early morning or evening, but the afternoon can be a nuisance.

the variegation of the layers of cloud must be bold for me, this will mean they are moving, shifting the light, if they break & coagulate constantly, giving the sun opportunity to break out. if a blue sky isn’t solid enough but washed with a milky patina mingled with light it makes for an ugliness i can’t abide & is difficult to work with. so i don’t always end up with what i feel is an aesthetically stimulating photo, regardless of whether the landscape has implicate beauty. unfortunately Korea gets a lot of humidity & on those days i pretty much throw my hands up in defeat. there just isn’t a good atmosphere to muggy, humid days. the most photogenic days for me are those days when the wind is swift & urges the cloud with its swiftness, the cloud tends to layer on these days & sometimes their tones will vary too & it just begs for being photographed.  

behind my place are farmer’s field that revolve through the seasons & can be very photogenic
view of Seogwipo from Donnaeko trail
the last stretch of Donnaeko, a treat after a steep descent through claustrophobic forest, to open into airy field of grass sloping into Oreum
that last stretch of Donnaeko offers some expansive views all the way out to sea
one of the lesser viewed sides of Hallasan, i don’t know whether north, south, east or west
autumn timothy on the east side of the island
Yeongsil trail 
Biyangdo island seen from hansupul, again behind my place

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  1. These are pretty good, Jeju is very scenic. Also, seeing these pictures reminded me of Casa Wabi:


    The architecture fits the landscape. Perhaps if one day the number of people your wife needs to turn down due to full occupancy should increase considerably, you might want to consider expanding in the style of Casa Wabi.

    Just a thought.

    1. Thanks. Jeju has a traditional house similar to the Casa Wabi, but my wife wouldn’t go for it. i don’t know if i would.

      1. I suppose there may be good reasons not do, for instance, I suspect that the thatched roof (despite being beautiful) might be more burdensome to maintain compared with a modern one.

      2. i suppose. though my guess is that the roof is solid & the thatching merely decorative these days. my wife likes modern & i don’t really have an opinion, so she makes all architectural calls, i just don’t like heavy, tungsten lighting, or neon lights, that is where i draw a line as i find it aesthetically unpleasant.

      3. Good point, I agree about the lighting, to me, warm yellow lamp light or wall lights are the only light I’ll accept. I too feel that neon lights are horrible and I don’t like office light either.

      4. strip lights in businesses are the worst, they send me into a rage.

      5. Yeah those are atrocious, sometimes I just want to light candles like those 18th century country houses, have you seen Barry Lyndon? The following scene was shot only in candle light with special camera:

        Its amazing, like an oil painting.

      6. i haven’t, but i read a lot about it. i don’t watch movies much these days as i don’t find the time. i am content with a lamp as i don’t have very good eye sight. but candle light has a warm aesthetic, i agree.

      7. I needed glasses since school, all the computer usage didn’t help. However, I really feel for those poor people who can’t afford cataract surgery and are needlessly blind as a result, if you haven’t already, please see my post on Unite for Sight:


  2. Great shots, amazing clouds, the footpath and that one with a razor sharp divide between the realms of earth and sky :).

    1. cheers Steve. photography is a new autodidactic pursuit for me, so it is nice to know i am going in the right direction, that of the clouds.

  3. Great writing and commentary. You must keep this up. Too much great stuff to keep on Jeju to yourself! 🙂

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