by Daniel A. Kaufman The Cult of the Self has shifted into high gear. It was rough going out of the gate, back in the 1970’s, what with hirsute gurus, earnest, aging hippies talking about their astral projections, and simultaneously terrifying and lampoonable movements like EST, but it has since found its footing and now […]

via Meet the New Cult of the Self (Same as the Old Cult of the Self) — The Electric Agora

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DPM is an idea-logue (sic) and object-oriented speculative realist, attempting to be response-able in an irresponse-able society.

2 thoughts on “Meet the New Cult of the Self (Same as the Old Cult of the Self) — The Electric Agora

  1. First, thanks for the Scruton vid, I especially enjoyed the music (Pergolesi’s Sabat Mater) and Georgian architectural examples he highlighted. Also, I was wondering, have you ever been to Bath? The Royal Crescent and the Circus are quite stunning in my mind.

    Regarding the article, I feel that it is quite interesting. It is certainly true that people are very self centered nowadays. I am usually wary of all these popular self help books and gurus, or the expectation that entertainers are role models to look up to.

    I feel that all these self improvement programs assume too much. They seem to offer vague guidelines and maxims that are as luminous as the moon but just as distant as well. In Liao Fan’s Four Lessons (wrote a post on it today) the Zen master Yun Gu warns people against seeking wealth and power by grasping at the external, and that they should instead focus on embracing virtue and eschewing vice (i.e. rectifying the intentions of the heart) to change the underlying balance of karma.

    1. glad you liked it. i anticipated you’d comment on the article & i am furthermore pleased you didn’t answer how i thought you possibly could. you are a purist: the original message is something important to you & not how it is revised & bastardized by gurus etc. i am very happy about this as i wasn’t 100% sure if you’d be an advocate of new age thought. i fell for it some years ago, i saw it as the continuity of those masters, but after thinking more critically about one David Hawkins’ texts & digging deeper into other new age charlatans, i realized quite quickly it is all guff, a load of crap. the original message of the masters tends to spring from a position of no place, there is no teaching, there is only being, which has been altered into what it isn’t, being is just existence, there is no philosophy or spirituality in drawing, breath, stop doing it & you realize very quickly it is just a matter of life & death.

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