i am over the moon to announce that Pushcart nominee, Robert Okaji, is starting (with our fingers crossed) a monthly slot on his blog, in which, he asks a poet he finds interesting a few questions on their every day & poetry & also publishes a handful of their poems; i am the first such poet, of what i hope (with fingers crossed) will become a regular place for talented, emerging & time honoured poets to be featured.

i am especially pleased because i have been reading Robert’s poetry for sometime now, & in addition been nattering with him about It. Robert is one of those rare poets whose poetry, though challenging, is a rewarding endeavour: it instructs as much as it questions & we believe in his quest to process his reality & that reality’s quest to make sense, or rather make note of the world; to appreciate its diverse aspects & just how miraculous it all is. so for such a talented poet to find value in my poems is really an honour, as i said, i am over the moon.

you can read part i of the Q&A here. the iind part should be posted in a few days or so, but i’ll let you know. while you are there & if you haven’t before, take some time to read Robert’s poetry & let it ask you a few questions. please comment, follow & like anything that grabs you attention.


Posted by:DPM

DPM is an idea-logue (sic) and object-oriented speculative realist, attempting to be response-able in an irresponse-able society.

13 thoughts on “a Q&A with Robert Okaji about my poetry

  1. Excellent interview, it made my day! I find reading about your exciting life and inspirations to be fun and thought provoking. May I ask for the name of your hometown? I often feel that small English and European towns have such charm to them, and I find the British moors especially beautiful. I’d love to know where you grew up.

    1. i grew up in a place called Cannock, which is in Staffordshire.
      i am glad you enjoyed reading, it was enjoyable to do. Robert is a good man & an exceptional poet.

      1. a couple. i don’t drive & while living in England i was always poor, so i never did anything. my life while i was England was much different to now.

      2. Well its good that you’ve found a better life in Jeju. I also understand the North of England has long been neglected economically. I feel they really need to get that fixed.

      3. i went to university in Manchester, a great place to live. there was always construction going on. Liverpool too is quite a good place to live. but you are right that some places are stunted. but many places in England, not just the North is like that.

      4. Liverpool is beautiful. Two years ago, I had pleasant conversations with someone named Maddie (whose family had lived there for generations) during a Buddhist course and she showed me some pictures of Liverpool harbor, it was really nice with refurbished old dock buildings and new modern ones. And I’ve seen pictures of Manchester, a very vibrant city indeed!

      5. England is a beautiful country full of character. i miss it a lot. i don’t miss how depressing it can be to find decent work there though, so i stick with Jeju.

      6. I agree, England is well adorned with history, art and beauty, but from what i’ve read in the papers lately, there is a lot of uncertainty with Brexit and so forth. So sticking with Jeju is certainly wise.

      7. Good point, especially if the May cabinet fails to get a good deal, Scotland and NI may very well go their separate ways. I think you are very lucky to be in Jeju since if you had build a life in Europe (like so many others have), your EU work and travel rights may be lost in a few years.

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