video up at FourTiesLitReview

my video, in which, i explain the origin of the thematic, cultural & stylistic elements of my poem fishermen, is up for viewing at FourTiesLitReview. thanks again to all the lads & ladies who work on the journal. furthermore, please give the lads & ladies at FourTiesLitReview a like & if you are amiable, give me a like, follow me, or do what makes me utterly ecstatic, spend a few minutes commenting, which i am more than happy to reciprocate & whole heartedly appreciate.


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  1. robert okaji says:

    So good to hear your voice, Daniel. Now I have even more texture to add to the visual and sonic layers your work conveys.

    1. i am interested in the gaps we fill in: did you have any preconceived notions of what i may look or sound like?

      1. robert okaji says:

        Gravatar offered a clue as to appearance, and your voice’s timbre was very much as I’d expected.

      2. my accent, according to English people, is akin to how the deep Southerner is stereotyped: British people make fun of the Midland accent. mine isn’t very strong after years of education & living aboard, but i still have a bit of a complex about it, though i like the actually words we use & rhythm, sometimes it comes across dull.

  2. robert okaji says:

    I don’t have much of a Texas accent, but occasionally slip into a slight drawl, and will use Texas pronunciations (or mispronunciations) because I live here.

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