i hope John Berryman smiles from his death-place on these light pieces. i try to do you proud master. 

the object intact

i deliberately broke my smartphone

It is gone. i am free.
The glass of its face fractured & the battery having jettisoned
on impact with the wardrobe seems to have been the clincher.
No longer will precious time be spent on click bait
nor when i’m on the toilet will i read statuses & memes;
rather than gawp at the countless posing’s of pets & pints,
the seafood meals & selfies, i’ll do something else.
No god hurtled claps of lightning from stormy cumulus.
Neither liturgy nor elegy to the mechanical deceased is necessary.
The why of the matter is of no importance. What can it mean for man?
It is gone. i am free.

thrilled to discover this (charcoal?) sketch of James Purefoy

Purefoy & the Sparrows

i wonder if birds yawn & if they don’t how is it they articulate
the drab monotony of
coo coo caw caw click click jug jug?

If they only had James Purefoy’s face
for properly expelling their disaffections to their species’ warbles
(that’s why they always chase each other)
& the likes of us
just by raising an eyebrow, curling their beak, sighing.

It makes sense why i saw a host of sparrows at the newsstand
flapping through Empire magazine for headshots of Purefoy
they could glue with spittle
to their tiny foreheads or impale on their beaks.

Posted by:DPM

DPM is an idea-logue (sic) and object-oriented speculative realist, attempting to be response-able in an irresponse-able society.

3 thoughts on “2 humorous pieces: i deliberately broke my smartphone & Purefoy & the sparrows

  1. Last month, I lost my phone and somehow didn’t care much for a week. Then, this month I didn’t pay my bill. All I have to do is stroll down to the phone place to get it unlocked again but days are going by and I’m not taking that stroll. Getting updates by email now! Thanks!

    1. i say to people who say they “can’t live without it” that civilization i over 10,ooo years in the making & for 99.99999999999 odd % of that time we had no cell phones, so need is a bit strong.

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