first publication of the year

i am pleased to report that i have 6 poems published at .
i am really very grateful to Christine Murray for her effort & giving an opportunity to a poet working to find his feet in the publishing world. her blog is teeming with well written poetry, her own poetry included & moreover she is interested in providing a space for female irish poets to publish their poems in an otherwise male dominated literary landscape. go there & read ravenously. read hungry & with a monstrous appetite for the beautiful landscape of ireland.



5 Comments Add yours

  1. Congratulations!

    All the very best wishes from Nepal : )

    1. thank you ever so much

  2. robert okaji says:

    I must devote some time to them. First impressions: Interesting, dense, textured, as I would expect from you.

    1. i am humbled by your impressions Robert. i am so pleased that someone of your caliber & furthermore, a poet i admire so much can enjoy my poems,

      1. robert okaji says:

        Your poetry offers much to admire, Daniel. And you are too kind to me.

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