i never thought i’d do this: i suppose i always assumed it wasn’t the done thing, that unspoken act that makes people wince within, but is essentially harmless, maybe even sensible; perhaps i am entirely incorrect & have not made an accurate judgement about people, very probable- i dearly hope i have been wrong.
i haven’t wanted anything for a long time. nothing at all. not an item i can possess or a goal i can progress toward. i have a very simple life, i don’t have a bank account, well i do but it has been dormant & full of spider webs for two years now. i work maddeningly hard, seven days at the guesthouse i built. i sleep in a laundry room as i have no house of my own. i cook the guests’ brekkie every morning & wash bed quilts & hoover & scrub & smile; & all the while i do this like an automaton, i think of poetry, of how i can make this life a long poem, how i can alter my perceptions into a poem.
So i need help: i don’t know about the industry, the etiquette, what magazines might be interested in my work, how best to address the magazine & the manner in which i should present myself. All i know is that after a long period of self evaluation & fastidious critique on myself; after writing & studying poetry seriously for about 8 years & a having spent my childhood secretly admiring & fantasizing about the poet, i want a readership, i want to be a poet, i want to see my work in print.
Quite honestly, this has never really interested me. i wrote the poems to learn about how the mind processes learning into a literary form. i always wrote poems because of the rarity of the world becoming a poem, as Wallace Stevens told us. Moreover, i knew my work was still shoddy, unkempt & naive. i think turning 30 has been the smack in the gob that has made me want to do this.
So i am asking people to help me. if you read a couple of my poems & know a magazine suited to my work then let me know, if you know a contact or anything at all, or just some general advice, anything would be appreciated; however, i’d rather not be encouraged, as it is ultimately useless to me, i have already spurned my will to act, i have done away with my apathy, i need some good solid help, something i can work with; please don’t take this the wrong way, i am just not comfortable with its function.

i’ll take this opportunity to thank the few people who have strayed into my blog. Much obliged to you.

Posted by:DPM

DPM is an idea-logue (sic) and object-oriented speculative realist, attempting to be response-able in an irresponse-able society.

7 thoughts on “ask & you shall receive

  1. Regarding publication, the best advice I’ve been given was to find publications that published poets with whom I felt an affinity. If I wanted to “converse” with these poets, submit poems to those publications. Oddly enough, this seems to work. Of course I’m not submitting to the New Yorker, but rather small press publications.

  2. I don’t believe that your nationality or lack of community are detriments. I’m not an academic, and don’t have an MFA degree in poetry or writing, and thus have lacked the networking possibilities inherent in those worlds- the contacts with editors, publishers and other writers. But through my blog and a few fortuitous meetings (I’ve attended a handful of writing conferences), I’ve come to be included in various communities, and some opportunities have arisen.

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