Meanwhile in Paradise Lost

Meanwhile… in the untidy bed of Godly God
& yawning out into his bugger-up empyrean
of jazz trombonist angels, seraph, cherubim & pissed up souls
bee bopping on a halo of heavenly arpeggios
an infinite hour of that celestial council estate
— immense disorder : the pearly gates got torn down after

the “we’re full” sign stirred disquiet n’ disgust
among the mob of them arriving off the boat of Radamanthus.
Boarded up clouds, become a common feature in the skies of heaven
the housing bubble popped, now everyone has sod off to Fiery Fields
since Hades got the fire brigade to put the flames of hell to heel
—now property booms, with jovial tenants, beside the Styx n’ Lethe.

& therefore Godly God took desperate measures thus
: Him gave prosthetic genitals to the angelic court & how
they caw with strepent, plastic grunts, a sex trade booms
& over abundant tacky things that glow in darkness, overpriced
novelty chocolate people on a stick that taste like shit
for them that suffer with a homesickness, are sold

—& signed photographs of famous saints posing naked on a cloud
& i-phone cases with heroic snaps of Godly God
& jig saw puzzles of memories from someone’s time on Earth
& manna spiked with ecstasy in Open All Day techno clubs
& scuffles between angel gangs & seraph gangs
after they drank them saft with rum n’ milk

—& all condoned by Godly God the chief
of misbehaviour, Boris Yeltsined ceaselessly shagging his hand
unwashed & making marionettes of how we was a long gone past
& often Oojoo forced to puncture notches in his bloating belt.
He made compulsory reading all Gershon Legman
& L. Ron Hubbard’s books & distributed them

with forewords he himself wrote on peyote & White Lightning.
In good society he lets his tongue run rude & wild
tells racist jokes, brags about the days of plague he brought
& slaps in half them that enquire if not that Satan’s job.
Done sent the letter did thee Oojoo lad?
Like a good eunuch Oojoo awkward nods & shuffles out.







Posted by:DPM

DPM is an idea-logue (sic) and object-oriented speculative realist, attempting to be response-able in an irresponse-able society.

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