Him adult now n’ not yet stumbled on the why
of how he craves dried Weetabix
: me munch are needing some’ut more I thinks…
(a glass of cold milk by his side tut tut).
Him watches day time (HD) television, wears
his Superman pyjamas whistle clean— nowt else to do
—cape sewn into the nape, a size too small
: I am a life more sods law & betrayed
than ever Jezza Kyle’s contestants have
them live a fine life in my think
they have a mom n’ dad, most’m got two or more
a drama-life the audience listens to for near a hour
them had a schooling days & got some pals & gals
them boingy boing n’ multiply with like the Duracell bunny
though most them none, or oddly crooked teeth in them
shaved heads, they speak best than me could.
& where them finded spongles to buy their spangly clothes?

A letter thrashes through the letterbox
—I never put me peepers on one like it afore!
Him tilts with head in puzzlement & awe
at the post, hovering, coronal of the welcome mat
& aureole stamped it scrubs the porch in light.

If you are not English you will probably (& for the best) not know who ‘Jezza Kyle’ (Jeremy Kyle) is. He is an English mimicry/rival of Jerry Springer; the same farcical abuse of the lower reaches of society for fame & monetry benefit. His show is a day time tv must watch for those with nowt else to be getting on with. It can be moderately amusing, but usually just a deplorable reminder of what happens to you if you are a poor bugger. That Charlie should see himself as beneath them is erroneous & shows his self-deprecation, or rather, humble attitude. He’s not a bad chap.

Posted by:DPM

DPM is an idea-logue (sic) and object-oriented speculative realist, attempting to be response-able in an irresponse-able society.

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