This is the often bizarre, worldly misadventures of Charlie Malurkey— orphan. divinely appointed to be the butt of the joke. the modern jester-against-his-will. Godly God’s puppet. the bringer of laughter. the idiot. in equal measure Prince Lev Nikolayevich Myshkin : Harpo Marx : Charlie Kelly. Broca’s Area all shambles beyond repair & Godly God the Culpable. here you’ll find Dashiell Hammett style noire detectives with club foots & odd childhoods. a form of government Hades-bent on destroying any trace of traditional culture. a militant group rampaging the streets murdering any who show signs of none conformity to the Ultra Modern agenda, backed by the new Uber-Modern Party (UMP). a psychological ailment gripping the populace called P.A.N. (Psycho Anachronistic Neuroses) an epidemic, which makes people believe they are personages from our history books, with only theories as to the root cause. Jesus Army weirdos kidnapping the dispossessed with warm cots, ham / tomato sandwiches, breakfast cereals & sinister magnanimity. so much to come.

i was going to make it a straight narrative. but i feel a sort of pulp fiction approach may be best. i have so many of the poems written i will just put episodes on at whim & let you connect the dots.

all of the idiom, scansion, language is sic. there are no mistakes, everything is written as it should be. for this reason, reading should be done carefully so as not to miss the changes in voice. symbols, meaning everything here is geared toward a fully integrated environment for which everything is self contained toward the form & function— there are no accidents here. you may interpret of course, but be cautious not to misunderstand. Charlie is not to be misunderstood. he has enough of that with himself.


Birth of Charlie

In Rainbow Hospital, midnight of an alcoholic moon
— had moon beams these long years building to this boy
been slyly growing inebriate on finest Scrumpy Jack?
Night took the shade of rum.
Foreshadowed : his birth in the night thoughts of his mom
who suffered no labour pains : him popped out like satori
: Godly God lemmings are be them both. a Danae to him lustier than Zeus.
The counterfeit of the ecclesiastical him shall not be
but tatterdemalion of awokeness
for gyred-in-the-mire of will-strung-effort: man
who antiquity maket a modem psychological carnage
—shall him of brave & noble silliness to come
alter the creative cock up of Godly God
to be emollient of this tragedy am need
all done in his own mercy of the idiot divine.
Before the Order of the Tonsured could pay their respects
his mom had scarpered with her swaddled babe.

Posted by:DPM

DPM is an idea-logue (sic) and object-oriented speculative realist, attempting to be response-able in an irresponse-able society.

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